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What are Day Passes in Malaga?

Day Pass Malaga : Incredible growth in demand from Andalusians

All Inclusive Daypass in Costa del Sol

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You no longer have to stay in a hotel to enjoy its facilities, its gastronomy and even its spa.

Day Passes on the Costa del Sol are vouchers purchased in exchange for the use and enjoyment of certain services and facilities of a hotel.

It is a very interesting formula whether you are staying in a vacation rental, if you are a resident of the Costa del Sol or if you simply want to enjoy a different day in a hotel that offers things that your host hotel can not give you.

Costa del Sol Day Pass for Residents

Residents of the Costa de Sol can sometimes enjoy additional discounted rates if they can prove their residence in the province of Malaga.

Keep in mind that there are not many of these offers! The day pass prices already include important discounts compared to “classic” hotel stays, but we recommend you to check if the hotel of your choice does not offer some kind of resident discount.

Featured Day Pass Offers in Malaga

Our selection of Day Pass in Malaga Hotels

If you are still hesitating about what to do and what to see in Malaga, you will probably be interested in taking a look at the proposals of our partner in Malaga. The Day Pass and Flex will allow you to organize a visit to Malaga where each member of the family can enjoy what interests them without missing anything of this wonderful city. With so much what to see and do in Malaga it is not complicated to recommend 1 specific visit, and that is why we prefer you to choose the option that best suits you among the 16 options we offer.

What to see and do in Malaga

Our selection of Malaga Tourist Passes

Save up to 70% on

From 1 to 10 days of unlimited visits for you to decide what to see in Malaga among the 16 options offered.

Save up to 70% on

You have 60 days to visit 1 to 4 attractions per day and help you decide what to do in Malaga with total flexibility.

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